The Maharishi Effect

Change Begins with an Idea

It has been shown that all change, innovation, or social movement of any significance begins with a simple idea. Oftentimes, these ideas are pure in nature. Most innovations, from their inception, start as a simple willingness to forge new territory where others have fallen short.

At times, these ideas, innovations, or movements which once began from a position of justice, vigil, goodwill, or protection fall prey to a dangerous landslide. This landslide, tempered from human egoism, greed, and chaos now endangers the society in which we are all apart.

In 1978, a simple idea was indoctrinated that would later become known as the Maharishi Effect. This phenomenon, proven by science, has shown the world that only 7000 meditators focusing on the emotion of love and peace could alter the entire world with measurable results.

This culture shifting idea based on proven phenomenon has been long forgotten by many. It remains our belief that in the current world in which we all live, we must once again forge the ultimate weapon against crime, tyranny, poverty, injustice, sadness, sickness, and grief.

We believe that through a simple yet powerful display of united love, kindness, and focused intentions each person has the capability to help change the world. We believe in you.

Learn to Fly

The Mission


Lost and trapped in an increasingly negative world, the sleeping giants within our souls need to first be awakened in order to begin the progression toward hope and light.


Once the awakening process begins, we will provide assistance and tools to better anchor our thoughts, emotions, and intent within a framework of love and beauty.


After fully anchoring within the emotions of hope, love, and beauty, we can then begin to unite with others in our mission to show our world the true power of unified love.

The Motivation


To inquire how you can be of assistance or to become a weapon of love, please send us an email. We'd love to hear from you.