Using Brainwave Entrainment to Increase Loving Emotion

brainwave meditation

Brainwave entrainment can be an effective way to reprogram the mind for a variety of purposes. The true origins of brainwave entrainment seem to have started, at least from a scientific perspective, in the late 1800′s. Although many people know that meditation and spiritual practices of joy, compassion, and gratitude can have a powerful effect on the mind, fewer know about brainwave entrainment, which has been proven to aid the mind in dealing with grief, emotions, stress, and in many cases can re-train the mind to operate more how we’d want.

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EP3 – Jul. 11 Radio Broadcast

Episode 3 – July 11 Radio Broadcast

(Broadcast on July 11, 2014; Length: 56:00)

Love is the Weapon EP3 aired on 7/11/2014 with 88.5 FM WXPI. The central theme of this radio show produced by Robert Lee was maintaining gratitude and positivism in an increasingly negative world and featured a smaller yet select variety of positive music from Bob Marley, Enigma, Josh Groban, and others. Love is the Weapon airs each week on Friday at 6pm EST. If you are outside of the broadcast range of 88.5 WXPI based in central pennsylvania (Lycoming and Clinton Counties) you can download the app TuneIn Radio for your smartphone and simply search for 88.5 WXPI. This will bring you to the station’s feed.
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EP2 – Jul. 4 Radio Broadcast

Episode 2 – July 4 Radio Premiere

(Broadcast on July 4, 2014; Length: 56:00)

Love is the weapon with Robert Lee hits the air for its Independence Day radio premiere. At 6pm EST on July 4, 2014 Robert Lee and Love is the Weapon officially hit the airwaves and kicked off the local celebration festivities. Breaking away from the traditional Talk Radio format of the previous pilot episode, this episode of Love is the Weapon features 12 popular song requests by listeners from artists such as Kid Rock, Blaire Hanks, James Brown, Toby Keith, Aerosmith, Lil Jon, and John Mellencamp. Continue reading

EP1 – Pilot – What is Love?

Episode 1 – What is Love?

(Recorded on June 14, 2014; Length: 56:00)

This is the first pilot episode of the Love is the Weapon podcast and radio show airing on WXPI Radio 88.5 FM titled “What is Love”. In this episode, Robert Lee covers a rather huge search topic, “what is love”. In 2012, Google reported that “what is love” was the most popular search term for the entire year. This is incredible! Continue reading